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Serol's Cosmic Explorers

Explore the Universe with robotic telescopes, for children and adults from 8 years and up, for free!

Investigate the Universe using Las Cumbres Observatory

Serol is the brain behind our unique network of robotic telescopes. With their help you will choose targets for the robotic telescopes to observe, just for you. You will be emailed when your pictures have been taken and are ready for you to analyse.

Core Aims

Robotic Telescopes

By simplifying the use of robotic telescopes, Serol allows anyone to become an astronomer


You choose what to observe. We never send you a picture taken by someone else


With Serol, you will learn about the different types of objects in space, and analyse your own pictures of them.

How does it work?

It is free to join Serol and become a Cosmic Explorer. With Serol, we have created a way for children 8 years and up to explore the Universe, using Las Cumbres Observatory’s robotic telescopes. You don’t need to know anything about astronomy to start the adventure. You just need a sense of adventure!