About Serol

Serol will take you on a journey through our Galaxy, so you can see all the wonders it has to offer and have the opportunity to study them.

With the help of Serol, you’ll use our robotic telescopes to observe a host of cosmic wonders, from the Moon and planets in our Solar System to galaxies millions of light years away.

The Team

Serol's Cosmic Explorers was an intern project that has been adopted by Las Cumbres Observatory as a core educational project.
  • Edward Gomez - Project maintainer and web coder
  • Alice Hopkinson - Graphics and animation

Past members

  • Sarah Eve Roberts - Scripts and educational content
  • Susannah Leah - Graphic Design and crafting
  • Veronika Kravchenko - Game "Dark Sky Dash"
  • Brandon Robertson - Narration
  • Charlotte Provot - Original Serol character design

Contact Us

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