About Serol

Serol will take you on a journey through our Galaxy, so you can see all the wonders it has to offer and have the opportunity to study them.

With the help of Serol, you’ll use our robotic telescopes to observe a host of cosmic wonders, from comets and planets in our Solar System to galaxies millions of light years away.

The journey to become a cosmic explorer is made up of three missions, each one including a series of challenges:

  1. Get to know your cosmic neighbours
  2. The life and times of stars
  3. The Universe at large

As well as observing with robotic telescopes, you will learn how to analyse the images like a real astronomer, and you’ll have the chance carry out your own investigations — will you will be the person to make a new discovery about our galactic neighbours?

For every challenge you complete, you’ll earn an exclusive badge to prove you’ve mastered a new skill and gone up a level on your way to becoming a cosmic explorer. To conquer a mission, you’ll need to collect all five challenge badges, you’ll then be awarded one of three unique mission patches.

As you earn them, your badges and mission patches will appear on your My Progress page, where you can download them to share with your friends and family.

When you have collected all three mission patches, you can finally declare yourself a real Cosmic Explorer!

Are you a real Cosmic Explorer?

If you've earned all three mission patches, we'd love to hear from you! Send us a picture of you with your badges and we'll post it on the Wall of Cosmic Explorers!

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