Serol on Film

Follow Serol's Cosmic Adventures in this series of movies

The Hunt for Dark Skies

This is the origin story of Serol, Las Cumbres Observatory's friendly scheduling robot. Serol is disappointed not being able to look at the night sky without clouds or light pollution. Serol journeys the world making friends with telescopes, who can take beautiful clear pictures from dark, remote places.

An Unexpected Visitor

Working together with observatories around the world, Serol and the LCO telescopes discover the truth behind a mysterious object spotted soaring through our Solar System.

Serol and the Sick Star

Serol helps Miss Carina and her class learn all about the different types of stars, with the help of the global telescope network.

The Life and Times of Stars

Join Serol in exploring the life and times of stars. Find out how stars are born and grow old, and what happens to different types of stars.